• The OKConference

    OKCon will be buzzing with open knowledge and open data enthusiasts and is an excellent opportunity to comes together, discuss the future of open knowledge and to things. We have […]

  • Visis OKCon Speakers

    This year we have put together a great schedule with many knowledgeable speakers. Richard Stallman, Michel Bauwens, Brewster Kahle, Nigel Shadbolt and many many more… See the full line up […]

  • Programme published

    From Open Data Technology to Data Driven Journalism, from Open Science to Open Education, from Open Research to the free culture Movement. We are delighted to announce the release of […]

  • Scraping Day with ScraperWiki

    On June 27th and June 28th, as part of the Pre-OKCon 2011 events we are inviting You (yes: you!) to a Screen Scraping Day with ScraperWiki! We are delighted to […]

  • Pre-OKCon 2011 Workshops

    OKCon2011 is glad to announce that registration has now opened for the pre-OKCon workshops. More details can be found below. Pre-OKCon2011 CKAN Workshop Tuesday, June 28, 2011 from 9:30 AM […]

Thank you!

OKCon 2011 is now over. 400 people from all the open knowledge spectrum meet to meet up, discuss, and work on projects on open data, open access, open education open source and open hardware! YOU! All of you made this event a great success. Thanks to all of you..

So that we can make things even better next year, we would really appreciate your feedback on what you enjoyed most about the conference, what you thought could be improved etc. So if you do have a couple of minutes to spare, please do share your thoughts via our feedback form

## Documentation and Material

* Post event documentation page:
* Pad for collective note taking:

### Proceedings

* OKCon 2011 Proceedings are now online at:

### Speaker Presentations

* All Speaker Presentations will be published here:

### Video & Photo

* Video documentation:

* Photos:

### Coverage

Press and other media coverage:

### Stay tuned

We have set up a dedicated mailing list for all discussions around OKCon. Join the discussion by subscribing to the mailing list.

### OKCon 2011 in a nutshell

* **When?** 30th June & 1st July, 2011
* **Where?** Kalkscheune, Johannisstr. 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany (see [map](http://bit.ly/kalkscheune))
* **Website:** www.okcon.org/2011
* **Last Year:** www.okcon.org/2010
* **Call for Participation:** www.okcon.org/2011/cfp
* **Register:** www.okcon.org/register
* **Hashtag:** #okcon2011
* **Twitter** www.twitter.com/okcon


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