Knowledge for All: Building a Collaborative, International, and Open Citation Database

Knowledge for All is an international, open, and comprehensive database of scholarly journal articles that aims to provide equal access to information and research and to give users control over their tools and content. It is a single tool for searching all published scholarly journal literature through a web interface that can be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection and web browser. All data in the system will be available in the public domain for re-use in any capacity and the software infrastructure will be open source and easy to customize and integrate with existing systems. Using a collaborative, crowdsourcing model, the project will be funded and maintained by libraries, publishers, and research institutions around the world. During this session, we will present the project’s working technology, content, funding, and governance models, and participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas and shape the development of Knowledge for All.

by Amanda Stevens on July 1st at 11:30 in Workshop I

Amanda Stevens is an Information Management Consultant and the Project Manager for Knowledge for All, a non-profit organization that is developing an open, comprehensive, and multi-disciplinary citation database of scholarly journal literature. She has a Master of Library and Information Studies degree from Dalhousie University and a BA from Simon Fraser University. Amanda consults with non-profit organizations on content organization and access, specializing in radical and marginalized content. She has developed Drupal-based electronic library systems and alternative subject headings for a queer youth centre and a zine library, and she collectively operates the Anchor Archive Zine Library and Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has also researched and published on the topic of indigenous knowledge management.


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