Open Science, Open Data, Open Minds: Using smartphones games to study recreational drug use

The project uses smartphone technology and open knowledge principles to investigate recreational drug use. A set of smartphone games allows the public to record alcohol and drug intake in situ. It can assess the cognitve and emotional effects and users are given instant feedback on their performance. All the data is collected centrally, anonymised and held on an open database. This will provide researchers with a valuable new resource for assessing everyday drug use.

Given the potentially controversial nature of this work, openness and honesty are a key foundation of the project. All data will be publicly available. All the software we are developing is available free with an open source license. All our progress and our research will be documented on the internet and our scientific research provided freely with creative commons licensing. is an independent, non-profit organisation.

by Caspar Addyman on July, 1st at 18:30 in Workshop III

Dr. Caspar Addyman trained as a developmental psychologist. He works at the University of Burgundy and University of London. Before becoming an psychologist he spent eight years writing trading systems in the City of London. He is a co-founder of, an independent, non-profit organisation developing free smartphone games to let intrack the effects of drugs and alcohol.


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