We are the Creators!

Cultural methods and means have changed radically in the digital era. We face phenomenons like the “Creativity of the Masses” and the “Remix-Culture”. Such and other developments in the societies all over the world shake the main principles of copyright law to the core. However the legal development did not (yet) react with likewise fundamentally revisions. Copyright law still focus’ only on the interests of the “original creator” and the entertainment, software and publishing industry – in other words: on piracy prevention and the enforcement of the given system. This diametral opposed development of legal and social norms let to a clash of the cultures and the generations long ago. If the legislators do not (re)act adequately quite soon, the copyright system will collapse. In the presentation the social and cultural development will be compared with the legal development. An analysis will show the basic deficiencies the present copyright regime suffers from and what steps could (should) be taken to modernize the system in order to serve its destined function as the “Magna Charta of the Information Society

Talk by Till Kreutzer, July 1st at 10:00, Track I

Dr. Till Kreutzer (born 1971) is a lawyer and a partner with i.e., the Consultant Bureau for Information Law in Hamburg and Berlin (www.ie–online.de). He is research fellow at the “Hans–Bredow–Institute for media research at the University of Hamburg” and a member of the “Institute for Legal Issues of Free and Open Source Software” (ifrOSS). Furthermore Till Kreutzer is co–founder and editor of iRights.info, the information portal on copyright in the digital world for consumers and creators, awarded – inter alia – with the Grimme-Online-Award 2006. In 2010 Dr. Till Kreutzer was elected as an „ad personam“ member of the German Commission for UNESCO. He is head of the third initiative of the think tank „Collaboratory – Internet and Society“ in which new approaches for a „Copyright in the information society“ are developed (hostet by Google). He teaches copyright law, trademark law, data protection law and personality rights at various institutions (among other at the Akademie für Publizistik (Academy for Journalism), the Evangelische Journalistenschule (Evangelical School for Journalism) and the Free University of Berlin). He participated as an invited expert in the German reform of copyright in the information society (between 2003 and 2008) and was a member of the main working group, which the federal government had convened. He is a lecturer in E-Learning and has developed various E-Learning modules and other learning and information materials on the topic of E-Learning and law, among other things the programme “Legal Issues in E-Learning”, which was awarded with the “European eLearning Award eureleA 2008”. Furthermore, he is the author of numerous articles on topics related to information law in specialist and consumer publications (e. g. GRUR, CR, MMR, ZUM, brand eins, Telepolis, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Berliner Zeitung, EPD Medien, Stern). In his PhD thesis he reasoned about and designed a new model of copyright regulation. It was published in 2008.


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  1. […] vertreten sein. iRights-Redakteur Till Kreutzer wird am Freitag den 01. Juli um 10 Uhr den Vortrag We are the Creators! […]

  2. […] We are the Creators! by Till Kreutzer. Certainly Till’s presentation was one of the most entertaining ones because he gave us some funny videos of mixing culture. Beyond this Till gave interesting insights in how copyright and the need to license stuff prevents culture to flourish. He finished with some suggestions on what needs to be changed on copyright. The most basic measure would be to change the focus from the rights of the creators to the rights of the public. […]

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