Notes from the Wolfpack meeting, 11/6/12

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# Team Meeting

Team meeting 11th June. around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC)
Mumble trial run!

## Highlights
* All Core Team meeting planned for 2nd-4th July. There has been some concern over attendee list. If you have feedback, email Marcus and it will be taken into account.
* Thursday is the first press event for OKFest! Travel bursaries will also become available then – watch this space!
* Velichka is organising the creation of a video about the OKFN. If you want to get involved, sign-up to help her out
* This weekend (16th & 17th June) is Culture Hack East in Cambridge – it would be great if someone were able to attend!
* The call today was carried out using Mumble instead of Skype. Mixed responses. Some issues may be ‘teething’ (getting used to the functionality) but there are some definite drawbacks – one user was left feeling like this . We have a 2 week trial. Please keep using it so that we can make an informed decision.
* There will be **NO WOLFPACK CALL** next week as so many people are away.

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Lucy Chambers
* Marcus Dapp
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Laura James (possibly, depending on how event pans out)
* Sam Leon (until 2pm only)
* Naomi Lillie
* Laura Newman
* Joris Pekel
* Tom Rees
* Mark Wainwright

## Apologies
* Darwin Peltan
* Daniel Dietrich (in a call about open transport at OKFest)
* Rufus Pollock

## Agenda
* Video month! (LJ)
* note for next week discussion
* List of resources? (cf Open Data Documentaries) [LN]
* inspired by open data documentaries – have page where general open data / knowledge / etc resources are available on web, combine with WIKI info – LN to liaise with TR & VD
* ACT (MD) – discuss later,
* Concern that some people left out
* mgmt team will discuss feedback that came in by email
* LN off next Monday – meeting cancelled
* OKFest update: tickets, travel bursaries, design.
* Money for travel bursaries to become available
* Thursday is first press event
* A video about the OKF – (VD)
* VD to arrange call / workshop to plan, discuss budget, content etc:
* Volunteers requested to help form a ‘video planning committee’: Laura N

## Updates (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):
* [Daniel Dietrich](
* [Naomi Lillie]( FAO: my availability over the next fortnight is as follows:Mon Foundation Administration; Tue, Wed, Thu at [BiblioHack]( so minimal availability. Please note I am not working 19th-22nd June, back 25th June.
* [Laura Newman](
* [Tom Rees](
* [Joris Pekel](
* [Sam Leon](
* [Laura James](

## Events (
* VASS2012
* unavailable
* UIA round table
* unavailable
* Edinburgh
* NL to run this, possible presentation as opposed to in person due to OKFest
* InterFace 2012
* LC to ask RP (LJ unavailable)
* Culture Hack East
* involved without attending / speaking directly, tickets available
## Questions
## AOB
* Mumble not an immediate success but we’ll use for the 2 week trial period and see how we go
## Notes
## Actions

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