Notes from the Wolfpack Meeting, 09/7/12

July 9, 2012 in Meeting Notes


* This call will be poorly attended over next few months due to trips and holidays. Joris to track events and mails around to staff in advance of calls

## Events
* Open Space South West – An unconference for the public sector in the South West, Friday 14th September in Exeter.
* JP to ask Darwin if he’s passionate about town planning in Devon 😉
* Event support – Open Access Week – India
* We (Open Access India) would like to have a two event (Symposium/Conference) on ‘Open Data, Education and Research in Agriculture’ at New Delhi during October 2012, Open Access Seek. The probable venue would be NAAS/NRCPB/IARI, Pusa Campus, New Delhi. We are looking for like minded organizations having interests in the theme of the event to conduct the event aspartners/sponsors and support it by any of the means feasible. We are looking for participation of scientists, students, researchers and policy makers of NARS and other stakeholders in the event. Please confirm what kind or support OKFN could extend for the event.
* Rufus/LauraJ have already said cannot provide financial support; however, Kat or someone else may come out to speak/network during this week. NL happy to assist with network making!
* OKFest travel update (Naomi & LauraJ)
* Accomodation, travel, ticket etc – NL to talk with DP and KB tomorrow to clarify ‘official stance’ and e-mail round

## AOB
* Note for all: OKFest website to be updated heavily by end of this week, with more clear instructions re: ‘core’ vs. ‘satellite’ portions & Topic Stream details. There will also be another round of Travel Bursaries released later this month (details TBA based on partner funds).


– [Joris Pekel](
– [Naomi Lillie](
– [Kat Braybrooke](
– [Sam Leon](
– [Tom Rees](

## Participants
* Laura James
* Sam Leon
* Naomi Lillie
* Joris Pekel
* Tom Rees

## Apologies
* Lucy Chambers
* Daniel Dietrich
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Laura Newman
* Marcus Dapp, offline this afternoon (traveling back to Munich)
* Kat Braybrooke (in series of OKFest meetings from morning to late afternoon)
* Darwin Peltan
* Rufus Pollock (in US)
* Mark Wainwright

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