Wolfpack meeting 06/08/2012

August 6, 2012 in Meeting Notes

# Team Meeting

Team meeting [06/08]. around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC)

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Meg Foulkes – our new Foundation Administrator πŸ˜€ (Skype: meg.foulkes)
* Laura James
* Naomi Lillie (Skype: n.lillie)
* Joris Pekel
* Darwin Peltan
* Rufus Pollock
* Ira Bolychevsky (but have to leave at 13:45)
* Jonathan Gray

## Apologies

* Sam Leon – Holiday
* Marcus Dapp – Holiday
* Laura Newman – Travelling
* Lucy Chambers – Travelling
* Tom Rees – Holiday
* Daniel Dietrich

## Agenda

* Flight tracking (JP) https://www.myclimate.org/
* JP suggests spreadsheet for people to complete when they book a flight, for us to calculate OKFN flights and do something to compensate for fuel etc
* Track for now, can work out application later? – for purposes of carbon offsetting or just noting where OKFN travels
* JP to set up spreadsheet and circulate
* early bird ticket deadline extended to aug 8th for okfestival – blog post out this morning (please share with your networks/contacts!) Post URL https://blog.okfn.org/2012/08/05/okfestival-updates-early-bird-ticket-extension-developer-travel-bursaries-and-open-data-cooking/
* for OKF staff who have not yet gotten their free ticket for the event, the deadline is Aug 10th!
* IB: re: OKFest, I’ve made sure all CKANers going (should be me, David, Adria, Mark) have signed up for tickets, but at what point is the accomdation getting booked? I’m pretty we’re finalised on nights πŸ™‚
<-- IB = legend πŸ™‚ NL will update re accommodation tomorrow / Weds - hostel/hotel is provisionally booked and places will be available 1st-come 1st served as per prev e-mail ## Events (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgKCQJHmtLY_dGNER3RLRWJTbjItNzBBNnc2aDNuUnc&pli=1#gid=0) * Data Day event for News International * NL to respond to say no due to OKFest but let us know for next time * OpenDataMX event and hackathon in Mexico City, 24-25 August (Velichka and Jen attending) * VD --> there is an event bringing together coders, social scientists and NGOs n Mexico City in 2 weeks time – 24-45 August. Jen and I are going to be there to speak about the OKF as well as hold a workshop on data visualisation, maybe OpenSpending, etc – a great opportunity to connect with our hosting organisation Fundar – http://fundar.org.mx, who are the organisers of the OpenDataMX – a community running data events and hack days – http://opendata.mx and present many of our projects including School of Data, CKAN, OpenSpending, Labs, etc…
* Open Data day sometime around here
* Campus Party conference, Berlin, 23 Aug (Kat attending re: gender/diversity stream at OKFest)
* Daniel attending too

## Questions

## AOB
* Darwin away – Monday to Tuesday next week (Working later in the week instead)
* LJ away this fri – mon inclusive and WILL NOT be doing email!

## Notes
* https://github.com/okfn/okfn.org is main issue logger for okfn.org website
* http://ideas.okfn.org/ has been archived as has http://getthedata.org/ and http://isitopendata.org/
* sysadmin change-over, all sites may go offline on Weds – we are changing provider
* RP and others are using https://trello.com/ which might be useful for some people in terms of managing projects. No compunction to use but feel free to try
* tools we use are listed here https://drive.google.com/?authuser=0#folders/0B4n3JiuouxLUNWU0NTIxYzktNzFlNS00MTEyLWJiZjEtZjE2YmIxMDJhYjU4

## Actions
* JP to set up spreadsheet for travel tracking and circulate
* NL will update re accommodation tomorrow / Weds – hostel/hotel is provisionally booked and places will be available 1st-come 1st served as per prev e-mail
* NL to respond to Data Day event for News International to say no due to OKFest but let us know for next time
* RP (or someone sys-adminy) to e-mail [email protected] with info about sys-admin changes
* JG sending out an e-mail re OKFest liaison between OKFN groups

## Updates (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):
[Naomi Lillie](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/08/06/week-ahead-naomi-lillie-23/)
[Laura James](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/08/06/week-ahead-laura-james-27/)
[Joris Pekel](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/08/06/week-ahead-joris-pekel-14/)
[Kat Braybrooke](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/08/06/week-ahead-kat-braybrooke-34/)

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