Thoughts on OKCon 2011

This years OKCon was my first, and thanks to all of you it was most awesome. I don’t know where to start: all the amazing, friendly people, all the great projects and talks (though I have to watch most of them now on video) and this incredible dense community feeling.

It was really inspiring to hear about crazy, funny and important projects. Showing what can be done with data, how to change the world using technology, one step at a time. Move to a universal internet archive (yes, we know how big the internet is right now) or how P2P can work among people, companies and governments to create a brighter future.

Sophisticated ways to deal with information and to think about the change it can affect. And to make all this accessible for everyone. That’s what we will work on in the future to create an open world. If you want to join us, you are more than welcome. At next years OKCon, for sure. Or come visit us in Cambridge, in Berlin, right here on the internet or in all the other cities we will be in shortly, thanks to you!

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  1. Simon B. says:

    Any chance of conference slides / video recordings coming online? Or if they are, where should I look?

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