OKCon 2011 Presentation and Speaker Preview

Although the list of keynote speakers and presentations is not set in granite yet, it is crystallizing and the names are already carved on a wooden tablet. We are so exited that we just had to give a sneak preview of this amazing list (alphabetically):

* Adrian Pohl (HBZ)
* Alison Powell (Media and Communication London School of Economics)
* Andreas Blumauer (Semantic Web Company)
* Andreas Meiszner (United Nations University)
* Anna K. Croft (School of Chemistry, University of Wales)
* Benjamin Yolken (Google Data Exporer)
* Chris Bizer (Free University Berlin)
* Chris Taggart (Openly Local)
* Christoph Dowe (Zeit Online)
* Federica Cocco (OWNI)
* Georgia Angelaki (Europeana)
* Glyn Moody (Technology Writer)
* James Boyle (Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School)
* Jaron Rowan (FCForum)
* Jeanette Hofmann (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung)
* Jeremie Zimmermann (La Quadrature du Net )
* John Sheridan (National Archives)
* Julian Todd (ScraperWiki)
* Jürgen Neumann (Open Hardware OHANDA )
* Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation)
* Michelle Thorne (Creative Commons)
* Nagarjuna G. (Gnowledge lab/ Scientist)
* Nigel Shadbolt (Professor of Artificial Intelligence)
* Nina Paley (Artist & Filmmaker)
* Paul Bradshaw (Help Me Investigate )
* Philipp Mueller (Salzburg School of Management)
* Pippa Buchanan (School of Webcraft with Mozilla and P2PU)
* Richard Stallman (Free Software Foundation)
* Rufus Pollock (Open Knowledge Foundation)
* Simon Rogers (Guardian)
* Stefan Candea (2011 Nieman Fellow at Harvard and Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism)
* Stefan Meretz (Oekonux)
* Till Kreuzer (iRights)
* Tom Lee (Sunlight Foundation)
* Wouter Tebbens (Free Knowledge Institute)

Please note that submission is still open until May 1st. You can either submit a presentation or workshop proposal or submit a (5-10 page) paper to the Academic Track. Details can be found on the Call for Participation page.
Hope to see you all on 30th June & 1st July, 2011 in Berlin

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