OKCon 2011 – Update

**The following post is from Hauke Johannes Gierow who is on the [OKCon 2011] organising team, and is a Community Coordinator at [OKF Deutschland].**

At the Open Knowledge Foundation we work towards an open society with open content, open data, and free/open source software all over the world. We work with developers, designers, civil servants, lawyers, scholars, students, activists, and everybody who shares our dream. The annual Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) is the place where it all comes together, where lots of great people meet up to discuss the future of open knowledge.

The Conference

This year we put together a great schedule with many knowledgeable speakers: Richard Stallman will talk about the relationship between free and open software and open public data. Michel Bauwens will speak on the interactiveness between an open society and open knowledge. We will host a great panel on open hardware and open standards, as well as one about the future of data driven journalism.

Find out more about our amazing Speakers here.

The conference will give you the opportunity to be an active part of the process. You can share your ideas at the 3 min. Lightning talks which are scheduled on both days. Or you participate in one of our many workshops.

We are thrilled about the fantastic line up in the programme

Pre OKCon Workshops 27th-29th June

Even before the conference starts, you can take part in our Pre OKCon-Workshops. Registration is free, but you can choose to support us if you buy a Supporter Ticket.

On June 27th to 28 you can team up with Friedrich Lindenberg to hack the UK’s federal budget as part of the OpenSpending hackweek. Please email friedrich.lindenberg [at] okfn.org if you would like to participate.

On 28th June there is the opportunity to learn about the future development of CKAN. Register now!

On 29th June the Open Spending Project invites you to for an in-depth exploration into features of OpenSpending. Register now!

Also on 29th there will be a workshop on Open Data and Privacy chaired by Jan Schallaböck, Javier Ruiz and Daniel Dietrich. Register here!

June 27th and 28th will see our Scraper Wiki workshop, chaired by the amazing Julian Todd. Find your Ticket here.

The City

The conference will be hosted in Berlin this year. You can find many coworking-spaces, small art and hacking projects and everything else you can expect from a capital. Our conference will be just in the center, so there will also be opportunities to go sightseeing.


As we are very excited about our programme (FIND IT HERE) we have a special offer for you. The first 50 people who register, can take advantage of this 5 € Voucher Code (Just enter the code OKBERLIN when registering here).

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